Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's go.

Welcome. I thought I would begin by telling you why I feel that downtown St. Catharines is a worthy topic for this blog.
Like most cities, downtown is the hub where residents go to find a variety of amenities. It is often times a symbol of a community's character. It is where the people meet, isn't it? Don't residents go to their local market? Go see a play? Shop? Get a haircut? Have lunch? Visit? Yes, some do. However, it seems that cookie cutter shopping malls and the endlessly rolling back prices of generic big-box stores have duped and displaced us.  Our downtown now seems to me a bit lonely, wondering if it has been forgotten. Sometimes, I can feel it wishing and hoping that more people would come, walk its streets, have lunch, sit in the park, use the library, shop at the market. 
My purpose is simple; it is to show you that downtown not only lives but is very much alive. This is a call to action- let’s go downtown. Let’s get down to the heart of this city.